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F Personal Build Guitars

Mahogany or Korina with Flame Maple Front
Low weight - high sustain chambered construction for ultimate tone.
Heavyweight inset fixed bridge for strong sustain.
24 fret full two octave neck, with many nut and width options.
Versatile switching of a wide range of vintage and modern tones.
Two humbuckers and a single-coil pickup.
Seymour Duncan pickups or alternatives.

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F7 guitars are the ultimate tone monsters. They are available with versatile studio controls (as above) or simpler performance controls.

Mahogany and maple has a long standing reputation as the best possible wood choice for an electric guitar. Taking the art of luthiery to a new level, a sophisticated chambered construction creates considerable tonal enhancement. The central working core of the guitar is relatively decoupled from the perimeter. This minimizes the damping effect of the guitarist's body and clothes. The wood beneath the bridge is solid giving a strong sustain. This is the most responsive guitar to play, with an extensive range of sounds from magically sweet to aggressively growly available by changing the picking style. This instrument is always a joy to play, even without an amplifier. Playing loud is also great. (There is no acoustic feedback problem as with arch-tops).


Set Neck Heel for Best Tone
Could a guitar be designed to have all three of these desirable neck features?
1) The neck heel is firmly set right into the center of the guitar body to achieve optimum tone and sustain.
2) The neck itself is interchangeable with industry standard necks; is removable for ease of maintenance; and allows changes of neck shape, width , and a wide choice of nuts.
3) A choice of 21, 22, or desirable double-octave 24 fret necks, with comfortable left hand access to the highest frets.


It is probably impossible to create enough strength to achieve all this with an all wood construction, if the heel is made thin enough to allow easy access to high frets. However, by using a mahogany heel that is reinforced internally with four carbon fibre bars, it has been possible to do all this on these guitars. (Carbon fibre is about 100 times stiffer and stronger than wood, and unlike metals is not excessively heavy).


F7S Controls

Studio Controls
This set of controls is undoubtedly over-kill for stage work, but in the studio can add that extra bit of depth and magic to your recording. Try a bridge full-vol full-tone humbucker , with half-vol mid-tone middle PU, and half-vol mid-tone neck humbucker, for the ultimate richest clear aggressive full tone sound that cuts right through the other instruments. It needs minimal effects to dominate attention in a recording - and adds a depth to a full-vol-full-tone bridge PU alone. At the other end of the tone spectrum, try a neck full-vol humbucker, with half-vol full-tone mid PU, to create the richest smoothest blues and jazz tones.

Performance Controls (simpler alternative)
Volume knob
Tone knob (push for humbuckers / pull for single coils (strat-like) )
5 way strat-like pickup selector switch


Schaller Bridge F7 Bridge
The Schaller 456 bridge used is solid and inserted by two 11mm posts deep down into the mahogany for maximum tone and sustain. Intonation can be adjusted for every string, and bridge height can be adjusted at each post.


F7 Back

Mahogany Electronics Covers
Compare the back of this guitar with any factory guitar, even expensive ones. It is there that the big names skimp on quality to maximize profits. No cheap plastic covers are used on these guitars. All the electronics covers are made of solid mahogany to preserve optimum resonance throughout the guitar, as well as look beautiful.